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autocad training institute in kolkata

autocad training institute in kolkata

ESEDS School of Design, a leading AutoCAD training institute in Kolkata, offers a comprehensive AutoCAD software course to help individuals enhance their skills and embark on a promising career in interior and architecture design. Our institute stands out as the best destination for AutoCAD training in Kolkata, providing a learning environment facilitated by experienced professionals. Enroll today to start your journey towards mastering AutoCAD and unlocking new opportunities in the dynamic field of design.

Embark on a transformative journey in design with ESEDS School of Design, the foremost AutoCAD training institute in Kolkata. Our comprehensive AutoCAD software course spans 6 months, meticulously divided into a 3-month AutoCAD basics module followed by a 3-month AutoCAD advance segment. Delve into the intricacies of design during 2-hour classes thrice a week, led by experienced professionals. Enroll today in the best AutoCAD training in Kolkata to augment your skills and launch a rewarding career in both interior and architecture design. Unleash your creativity with ESEDS, your pathway to excellence in AutoCAD.

  • Develop skills in the industry standard AutoCAD software programme for the production of plans and technical drawings.
  • Upskill students to create accurate 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Implement industry-standard practices in design and drafting.
  • Develop the capability to visualize and communicate design concepts effectively.
  • Enhance productivity through efficient use of AutoCAD tools and features.
  • Understand and apply AutoCAD in various professional fields such as architecture, engineering, and interior design.
Autocad Basic – 3 Months (72 hours)
Introduction To Autocad 2d
Getting Started With Autocad
Starting With Advanced Sketching
Working With Drawing Aids
Editing Sketched Objects
Editing Sketched Objects ( Advanced )
Creating Text And Tables
Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning, And Tolerancing
Editing Dimensions
Dimension Styles, Multileader Styles, And System Variables
Model Space Viewports, Paper Space Viewports, And Layouts
Plotting Drawings
Hatching Drawings
Working With Blocks
Autocad Advanced – 3 Months (72 hours)
Introduction To Autocad 3d
Converting From 2d To 3d
Interior Designing In 3d Autocad

The assessment strategy for our design courses uses a perfect balance between summative and formative assessments in order to improve skills not only on core disciplines but also in project planning and time management. Projects are concurrently conducted between all modules in order to improve students’ transferrable skills, allowing them to link skills and competencies from various domains.

An Integral part of the course is the links to profession practitioners and industries, and in particular to this unique course is the connections you will make with ethical and sustainable sectors of the design and textile industry. You will learn how traditional sustainable practices such as ‘ikkat’ textiles, hand loomed weaving, shibori, along with contemporary ethical and sustainable practices such as; ‘peace silk’ and herbal dying can be incorporated into modern contemporary design practices.


Also how organisations such as ‘blue sign’ technologies and ‘Beyond Surface Technologies’ (BST)are working with massive fashion, sports, footwear and apparel companies to create more sustainable products for the mass consumer market.


Students will learn how these important traditional skills and techniques fused with new technologies can provide a design pathway to a sustainable and ethical future.

After completing an AutoCAD course in Kolkata from ESEDS School of Design, one can expect to gain proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) techniques, including drafting, 3D modeling, and precision drawing. This skill set opens doors to various opportunities, such as employment in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, or construction industries. Individuals with AutoCAD expertise are sought after for roles like CAD technician, drafter, or design engineer. Moreover, the acquired knowledge may also enhance career prospects, providing a foundation for specialization in related fields or advancement into higher-level positions within the industry.



What is autocad eligibility?

AutoCAD typically doesn't have a strict age limit for eligibility. Generally, anyone with an interest in computer-aided design (CAD) can use AutoCAD, and eligibility is more based on individual or institutional licensing requirements

Is learning autocad a good career?

Learning AutoCAD can be a valuable skill for a career, especially in fields such as architecture, engineering, and interior designing. Proficiency in AutoCAD is often sought after in these industries, and it can enhance job prospects. However, the overall success of a career depends on various factors, including your dedication, additional skills, and the specific demands of the job market in your area. Keep in mind that technology evolves, so staying updated with the latest software and industry trends is essential for long-term career growth

Which institute is best for autocad training in Kolkata?

ESEDS School of Design stands out as a premier AutoCAD training institute in Kolkata, offering top-notch courses aligned with industry standards. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of AutoCAD training provided. Students can expect to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills, equipping them for success in fields such as architecture and engineering.

Do ESEDS provide placement assistance?

Yes, ESEDS does provide placement assistance. ESEDS have a team to closely work with industry experts and are dedicated to providing students with industry exposure.
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