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Graphic Design Course in Kolkata

Embark on a design revolution with the Best Graphic Design Course in Kolkata. Enroll today for expert guidance and unleash your creativity

ESEDS School of Design presents a cutting-edge Graphic Design course in Kolkata, meticulously designed to foster creative excellence and technical proficiency. Our comprehensive curriculum aims to provide students with a holistic understanding of design principles, coupled with hands-on experience using industry-standard tools.

Explore the realm of visual designing with ESEDS School of Design’s distinguished Graphic Design Course in Kolkata. Unleash your creativity through hands-on training in cutting-edge softwares, honing your skills in typography, layout design, image manipulation and many more.Our industry focussed graphic design course in Kolkata will elevate your skills in just six months. Our expert faculty, industry veterans will guide you through real-world projects, ensuring a seamless transition into the dynamic field of graphic communication.

As the premier Graphic Design College in Kolkata, ESEDS stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, blending theory and practical applications. Gain a competitive edge in the industry with our state-of-the-art facilities and a curriculum designed to meet global standards. Join a community of aspiring designers, collaborating on projects that push the boundaries of creativity. ESEDS School of Design stands as a beacon among Graphic Design Colleges in Kolkata, empowering students to translate ideas into visually compelling narratives. Elevate your design journey with us and embark on a transformative learning experience.

The primary objective of ESEDS School of Design is to offer a transformative educational experience in the realm of graphic design. As a leading graphic design Institute in Kolkata, ESEDS emphasizes practical skills, fostering innovation and adaptability. We take pride in being recognized as a prominent graphic design institute in Kolkata, where students not only learn the intricacies of design but also gain insights into the industry’s latest trends.Our industry focussed graphic design course in Kolkata will prepare the students to stand apart in the much competitive world of graphic design. Join our program to unleash your creative potential and embark on a rewarding journey in graphic design, surrounded by the rich cultural tapestry of Kolkata.


The Graphic Design Course encompasses :- 

1) Developing Visual Communication Skills: Cultivate the ability to convey ideas and messages effectively through visual elements.

2) Understanding Design Principles: Explore and apply fundamental design principles such as balance, contrast, and hierarchy.

3)Color Theory: Instruct on the use of color to evoke emotions, create harmony, and enhance visual impact.

4)Typography Mastery: Develop a deep understanding of typography and its role in effective graphic communication.

5)Software Proficiency: Provide hands-on training in industry-standard graphic design software to enhance technical skills.

6)Brand Identity: Teach the creation and maintenance of consistent visual identities for brands through logos, color schemes, and design elements.

7)Print and Digital Media: Cover both traditional print design and digital media, adapting to the evolving landscape of graphic design.

8)Portfolio Development: Guide students in building a comprehensive and compelling portfolio showcasing their diverse design projects.

9)Creative Problem Solving: We train students to address design challenges with innovative and creative solutions.

10)Industry Trends and Technologies: Keep students updated on the latest trends, tools, and technologies in the graphic design field.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Getting familiarized with tools
Adobe Bridge
Understanding grids
Create graphic collaterals-Visiting card, Posters, Letterhead
Creating social media posts
Getting started with Adobe InDesign
Introduction to page layout & print development on InDesign
Aesthetic & design
Design Project

The assessment strategy for our design courses uses a perfect balance between summative and formative assessments in order to improve skills not only on core disciplines but also in project planning and time management. Projects are concurrently conducted between all modules in order to improve students’ transferrable skills, allowing them to link skills and competencies from various domains.

An Integral part of the course is the links to profession practitioners and industries, and in particular to this unique course is the connections you will make with ethical and sustainable sectors of the design and textile industry. You will learn how traditional sustainable practices such as ‘ikkat’ textiles, hand loomed weaving, shibori, along with contemporary ethical and sustainable practices such as; ‘peace silk’ and herbal dying can be incorporated into modern contemporary design practices.


Also how organisations such as ‘blue sign’ technologies and ‘Beyond Surface Technologies’ (BST)are working with massive fashion, sports, footwear and apparel companies to create more sustainable products for the mass consumer market.


Students will learn how these important traditional skills and techniques fused with new technologies can provide a design pathway to a sustainable and ethical future.

Certification in Graphic Design: Successfully completing the 6-month graphic design course in Kolkata at ESEDS School of Design provides a recognized certification, boosting credibility in the competitive graphic design job market. Specialized Curriculum: The graphic design course will ensure that students acquire skills relevant to the global industry, setting them apart from graduates of generic graphic design courses. Portfolio Development: A compelling portfolio showcasing diverse projects will help position students as competitive candidates when applying to graphic design positions in Kolkata.


Job Opportunities :

1)Graphic Design Studios/Agencies as Graphic designer 

2)Advertising Agencies as a Graphic Designer


4)Web Development Companies as a graphic designer

6)Corporate Sector 

7)Entertainment Industry

8)Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency

11)Fashion Industry

12)Event Management Companies

13)Print and Packaging Industry



Is graphic design a good career ?

Yes.The scope for a graphic designer is expanding because of excessive demand in the market.According to the statistics graphic design market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% and the global market size for graphic design is estimated to reach 83.8 billion by 2032.In order to excel in the field of graphic design you must learn the skills from a renowned institute which will boost your opportunity to stand apart. ESEDS School of Design is one of the best Graphic Design College is Kolkata and provides industry focused graphic design courses in Kolkata. If you are a graphic design enthusiast

Which institute is best for graphic designing in Kolkata ?

ESEDS School of Design is the best graphic design institute in Kolkata.ESEDS School of Design stands out as the premier graphic design institute in Kolkata, known for its commitment to fostering creativity and excellence. With a dynamic curriculum and experienced faculty, ESEDS provides students with a comprehensive understanding of graphic design principles and practical skills

How can I start graphic design after the 12th ?

You can apply in institutions who provide graphic design courses and raise an enquiry or set up meeting. Get enrolled and create a portfolio and you will be ready to join the graphic design industry. ESEDS School of Design is one the best Graphic Design Institute in Kolkata and offers a industry focused graphic design course in Kolkata. Book your appointment will our admission department to unveil more about their graphic design curriculum.

Is the graphic design salary good ?

In industries like advertising, marketing, or web design, where creativity is highly valued, graphic designers can command a good salary. Overall, while individual earnings may differ, many find the compensation in graphic design to be rewarding, aligning with the demand for skilled professionals in the visual communication field.
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