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ESEDS student’s portfolio comprises a substantial body of work offering breadth and depth of exploration, critical and contextual investigative work and innovative ideas and concepts across a range of design subjects and projects undertaken during the course of study at ESEDS.

ESEDS Design Students as part of their design curriculum get a unique industry exposure in form of Mandatory Internships and Work Experiences with various design houses, Artists and Designers, ESEDS students gets in depth knowledge of how the creative industry works. This in turn helps them gain enough experience and confidence to enter into the creative fields, either working for designers or branching out into their own design label.

The Portfolio comprises a substantial body of work or a number of smaller relevant pieces. It can be a combination of work that is presented in sketchbook format or be mounted on sheets. The Portfolio may be in any appropriate format but it must show sufficient evidence to satisfy the relevant assessment objectives. The work in the Portfolio needs to justify to the Moderator the level of marks awarded by the school. It is worth noting that quantity is less relevant than quality.

The Portfolio offers breadth and depth of exploration. It gives opportunities for inquiry, stimulated by the content set by the school during Years 2 & 3 and underpinned by appropriate sketchbooks/ journals/study sheets.

Any critical and contextual investigative work should support, and extend, thinking through the inquiry of the practices of related artists, designers, etc. This analysis and evaluation of working processes, ideas and concepts should actively inform the practical investigation.

In two and/or three dimensions, the Portfolio should demonstrate evidence of:

a highly informed and personal series of explorations within the chosen endorsed course or unendorsed area(s) of study.
perceptive recording, analysis, organisation and collation of observations, expressions and insights pertinent to intentions.
extensive experimentation with ideas, concepts, materials, techniques and processes.
in-depth evaluation, review and refinement.

The Portfolio may also include evidence of:

investigation of relevant contexts demonstrating independent thinking within analysis and evaluation.
explorations of the practice of other related practitioners to inform and augment the candidate’s own work, and an understanding of the cultural/political/personal context within which the work was created.


Mohammad Huzaifa Ansari

Tanya Choudhary

Ritika Hazra

Aquib Asgar

Akshita Singh

Priya Biswas

Imtazour Rehman

Atif Khan


Mughdha Pramanik

Soma Ukil

Pratyasha Pal

Pratishtha Pal

Nisha Bagla


ESEDS has teamed up with Techno India University to develop our internationally recognised courses. We are proud to offer our newly developed set of undergraduate and programmes at our new international design center.

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