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Through a series of collective and one-on-one activities, potential students will explore where their career interests, talents and desired industry profiles merge with the school’s offerings at various ESEDS events which takes place round the year.

Lino Printing Workshop

We were thrilled to host the highly anticipated lino printing workshop by the internationally acclaimed artist and printmaker, Mr. Saibal Karmakar, at the prestigious ESEDS School of Design on 13th May 2023. Participants had the privilege of learning from Mr. Karmakar’s wealth of experience and expertise in this captivating art form. The workshop immersed attendees in the intricacies of lino printing, from carving linoleum blocks to printing on various surfaces. It was a day filled with creativity, inspiration, and the opportunity to expand artistic horizons. The event was a resounding success, leaving participants with newfound skills and a deeper appreciation for the art of lino printing.

Future of fashion 2050

The “Future of Fashion 2050” workshop by ESEDS in collaboration with Fashion Revolution India was a remarkable event that celebrated Fashion Revolution Week 2023. The workshop aimed to reimagine the fashion industry of the future based on the wellness of workers and climate-positive fashion. With a focus on sustainable and ethical practices, the workshop explored innovative approaches to create a circular economy in the fashion industry. The participants discussed the use of eco-friendly materials, reducing carbon footprint, and improving working conditions for garment workers. The workshop was a great success highlighting the importance of responsible and conscious fashion practices for a better future.

Slay Movie Screening

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, ESEDS and Fashion Revolution India hosted a movie screening event featuring “SLAY,” a documentary directed and produced by Rebecca Cappelli. The screening was followed by a panel discussion featuring industry experts and activists who discussed the issues raised in the film and offered solutions for creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the realities of fast fashion and the importance of supporting ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

Be Denimastic !

ESEDS collaborated with Fashion Revolution India and Denim Darzi to organize a mending workshop as part of the Fashion Revolution Week to promote sustainable fashion practices. The workshop focused on repairing and upcycling denims instead of throwing them away, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Attendees were taught various mending techniques, such as patching and darning, and were given tips on how to care for their clothes to extend their lifespan. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to connect with others who shared their interest in sustainable fashion and encouraged them to take responsibility for their clothes. Overall, the workshop was a success in raising awareness about sustainable fashion practices.

Fabric manipulation and pattern drafting masterclass by Mara Rodiguez

An exciting event on fabric manipulation and pattern drafting was organized by ESEDS, featuring Ms. Mara Rodiguez, the creator of fiberstorm, a revolutionary website dedicated towards sustainable fabrics. The event drew a lot of attention from students. During the workshop, our international guest Mara Rodiguez used various techniques for manipulating fabric and drafting patterns, which fascinated the students. Participants were able to learn and practice techniques such as pleating, smocking, and draping fabric to create unique designs. The event was a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge in fashion design and gain insights from a seasoned professional.

Zero-waste Pattern Masterclass By Dinie Van Den Heuvel

ESEDS hosted a 3-day zero-waste pattern masterclass led by our international guest Ms. Dinie Van Den Heuvel, the Co-founder of Infantium Victoria, an expert in sustainable fashion design with years of experience creating garments using zero-waste techniques.

The masterclasses began with an introduction to the concept of zero-waste fashion design and its importance in reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Dinie then shared her knowledge on how to create patterns that use the entire piece of fabric, without leaving any scraps behind.

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ESEDS has teamed up with Techno India University to develop our internationally recognised courses. We are proud to offer our newly developed set of undergraduate and programmes at our new international design center.

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