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Best Interior Design Course in Kolkata - ESEDS School of Design

No.1 Sustainable Fashion and Interior Design Institute in Kolkata

Discover your passion for interior design at ESEDS School of Design, Kolkata’s premier destination for aspiring designers. Our comprehensive Interior Design Course in Kolkata offers a transformative learning experience, combining theory and practical application to nurture your creativity and technical skills. With industry-expert faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, we provide hands-on training in space planning, material selection, color theory, and design software proficiency. As a leading Interior Design Institute in Kolkata, ESEDS School of Design is committed to fostering innovation and individuality in our students. Our curriculum is tailored to meet industry standards, ensuring graduates are equipped to excel in diverse design fields. Join our Interior Design College in Kolkata to explore a dynamic educational environment that encourages experimentation and critical thinking. Unleash your potential and embark on a rewarding career in interior design with ESEDS School of Design. Become part of our vibrant design community and turn your passion into a fulfilling profession.



Cutting Edge Interior Infrastructure

Discover innovative interior design course in Kolkata at ESEDS School of Design. Our cutting-edge infrastructure fosters creativity and practical skills in our interior design institute in Kolkata. As a premier interior design college in Kolkata, we provide a dynamic learning environment for aspiring designers

International Design Professors

ESEDS School of Design hosts eminent International Design Professors for its interior design course in Kolkata. As a premier interior design institute in Kolkata, it offers cutting-edge education, blending creativity and innovation. Renowned as a top interior design college in Kolkata, ESEDS fosters a dynamic learning environment for aspiring designers

Internship & Placements

Explore diverse internship opportunities and exceptional placement prospects at our interior design college in Kolkata, ESEDS School of Design. Our Interior Design course in Kolkata offers hands-on training, making us a premier interior design institute in Kolkata. Join us to unlock your potential and secure a rewarding career in the thriving interior design industry

40+ Design Awards & Recognitions

ESEDS School of Design in Kolkata stands proud with over 40 prestigious Design Awards & Recognitions. Offering unparalleled Interior Design course in Kolkata, it is a top-tier Interior Design Institute in Kolkata. Our commitment to excellence has made us the best interior design college in kolkata

Craft Eco-Friendly Interiors

Explore Eco-Friendly Interiors at ESEDS School of Design, Kolkata. Our Interior Design Course in Kolkata integrates sustainable practices. As a premier Interior Design Institute in Kolkata, we nurture creativity and expertise. Join the leading Interior Design College in Kolkata for a transformative learning experience. Craft your future sustainably with us

International Speakers & Workshops

Explore world-class workshops and talks by international speakers at our interior design college in Kolkata, ESEDS School of Design. Elevate your interior design course experience with cutting-edge insights. Discover why we’re the premier interior design institute in Kolkata. Join us to ignite your creativity and excel in the design realm



ESEDS lecturers include leading designers from the UK, USA, Europe, and India. ESEDS is known to provide the best Interior design course in Kolkata. Our curriculum is carefully designed with a primary focus on practical industry-based skill-oriented training.

Our Top Placements


BSc Interior Designing is an undergraduate program designed for individuals passionate about transforming spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. This Interior design course in Kolkata, delves into the principles of design, color theory, spatial planning, furniture design, lighting, materials, and more. It provides a holistic understanding of interior spaces, focusing on both residential and commercial settings.

At ESEDS School of Design, the Interior Design Course in Kolkata is tailored to cater to aspiring individuals keen on delving into the art and science of designing interiors. The eligibility criteria for Educational Qualifications for enrolling in our program are Candidates should have completed their higher secondary education (10+2) or its equivalent from a recognized board or institution.

ESEDS School of Design is the epitome of excellence in interior design education in Kolkata. As a pioneering interior design institute in Kolkata, we stand out for our leading interior design course in Kolkata, committed to nurturing creative minds and fostering innovation in the realm of interior design.

Interior designing is a dynamic and rewarding career choice that offers a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and practical skills. With the evolution of architecture and the increasing emphasis on aesthetic appeal, the demand for skilled interior designers has surged. Kolkata, a city steeped in art, culture, and heritage, has emerged as a hub for interior design education, offering numerous courses, institutes, and colleges dedicated to nurturing aspiring designers. ESEDS is the best Interior design college in Kolkata.

ESEDS takes immense pride in offering an exceptional Interior Design Course in Kolkata, meticulously curated to instill a profound understanding of design principles, technical skills, and industry insights. Our comprehensive curriculum transcends conventional boundaries, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering a holistic learning experience. Our Interior Design course in Kolkata is meticulously crafted to empower students with Comprehensive knowledge, Practical Experience, Industry Relevant skills & Mentorship.

At ESEDS, we are committed to your success beyond the classroom. As one of the best Interior Design Institute in Kolkata, We strive relentlessly to prepare you for the competitive job market. Our extensive industry connections, collaborations, and career development programs significantly enhance your employability quotient.


My name is Md Taha Hussain and I have completed an interior design course in Kolkata from ESEDS School of design. It has been a really amazing journey for me. I have learned a lot of things. All the mentors were really nice to me. They always supported me. Before even completing my course I got placed in PS Group which is one of the biggest construction firms in Kolkata. I would really like to thank all my mentors who have supported me since day one.

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Md Taha Hussain

I am a fresher from interior design batch. The mentors as well as seniors are extremely helpful, friendly and approachable. My journey has been great so far.

Unleash your creativity at Kolkata's renowned Fashion Design College. Explore our campus and enroll for a comprehensive design education
Ariba Khan

It was very good for me to discover ESEDS School of Design, as it has taught me to approach design in different ways, such as how to integrate sustainability, helping me to accomplish better work.

Bram Rouws

Amazing place and great faculty here at ESEDS. I am a student of Bsc.interior design. Getting to know a lot about sustainability. Enjoying the course.

Ritika Hazra

Hi, I am Harshita Jalan. The experience at ESEDS was really great. Here I actually got a lot of confidence in my stitching and creativity skills. Now I can just take any piece of fabric and cut it into different styles and create new different designs. I am grateful for the fashion design course that ESEDS provides.

Harshita Jalan

I am quite happy working with two design interns from ESEDS School of Design, in Kolkata, which is built around sustainable fashion, which is a good start as sustainability is a priority in the college as it is the need of the hour. Instead of conceptualizing it as a separate program, it's been integrated into every specialisation. From the cutting of a garment to using environmentally friendly dyes and fabrics, sustainability at all levels can be learned and practised there.

Kriti Tula

I am Uzma Adil from ESEDS School of design.The course I have taken here is MSc in Fashion management.No doubt it is one of the best fashion management course in Kolkata. This institute has been a power booster and it’s been a magical experience since day one. It has boosted my confidence and the way I want to take up my career ahead. Presently I am in Aditya Birla Pantaloons doing my internship. Very soon we will be getting a placement. It’s a beautiful journey at ESEDS.

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Uzma Adil

I am Supriti Chatterjee and I have pursued Fashion Design and Management from ESEDS School of Design. Before that, I also pursued a one-year certification course and one more year of diploma from ESEDS.ESEDS is like a guide for me. The Fashion Design Course that ESEDS provides is unique and we got to explore a lot. Anytime I faced any problem with my designs all my faculties were always there to mentor us. The journey at ESEDS is definitely helping me with my career in Fashion design.

Enrich your design skills at the best Fashion Design College in Kolkata. Immerse yourself in our creative campus environment for a successful future
Supriti Chatterjee

Hi, I am Disha Hazra, I have completed Fashion Design and Management from Fashion Design College in Kolkata, ESEDS School of Design. It was really exciting journey for me. I got to learn a lot. Moreover, the extra things like workshops and our internship experience helped me grow as a designer. Thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity.

Disha Hazra

I being a student am extremely happy can't express my excitement and experience here. It's an all in one design education institute and best in all over India. Always consider it at your topmost prioritized option if you want to study your passion and turn it into your profession

Transform your creativity into a career with our Fashion Design Course in Kolkata. Join us for a journey of innovation and skill development
Sharon Sharma

At ESEDS we follow an altogether new way of studying design. We learn the full process of international fashion design, right from the conceptualization to the final finished fashion collection. I feel so lucky to be a student at ESEDS.

fashion design college in kolkata
Sajal Jain

I highly recommend ESEDS School of Design. The school is true to its practice and is not a blend, as are other schools that I have observed. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning. The school offers courses that are an experience in themselves and I have gained an appreciation for each. I am confident of the Bright future it holds for itself and its students and everyone associated with it.

Prakash G Shetty

The Fashion Design course that ESEDS provides lets us be ourselves. The classes are fun with music going around and so much creative space. Projects at ESEDS are very much creative, we take inspiration from very small things and we create so much out of it. There is literally no limit to the explorations we make here.

fashion design institute in kolkata
Pratishtha Maudgal

Hello, this is Tamanna and I am from Bangladesh. I enrolled in ESEDS in the year 2018. After I got admission to ESEDS, Fashion Design College in Kolkata, I got to learn a lot. Before I came here I already had my brand. Every part I have learned from ESEDS I started to incorporate it in my brand and that has helped me a lot to grow my brand.ESEDS always gives a very advanced level of education. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.

Tamanna Jashim

This is Chanchala Lohia ESEDS School of Design and I have done Sustainable Fashion Design and management. I joined the ESEDS School of design in 2019The environment over here is amazing and the mentors are very good and supportive. They treat us like their own children. From draping to pattern making we have got the best of everything. I very much recommend this Fashion Design Course in Kolkata to everyone.

Chanchala Lohia

I love this amazing school! I wish that more schools in the world would have the courage and intelligence to place sustainability in the front and centre of their teachings. Fashion needs pioneers like this. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌ

Dinie Van Den Heuvel

I have completed in fashion management at ESEDS. When I came here I was awkward with all the new faces. But after joining a detailed Fashion Design course in Kolkata at ESEDS my confidence has grown over time. Now I am leaving with a long list of skillset which is helping me in my career. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Vaishnavi Gupta

I have studied in Fashion Design and Management from Fashion Design College in Kolkata, ESEDS School of Design. My Journey started here in 2019. I learned so many things from faculties that we had. Now I am very confident in pattern-making and other aspects of design.ESEDS has really helped me excel in my career in fashion design.

fashion design course in kolkata
Soma Ukil
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