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Which fashion design masters degree is best ?

While fashion is an art form, it is also a business and most fashion designers have acknowledged that innovative business skills are one of the key reasons for their success. A bachelor’s in fashion Design helps you to develop the required skills and knowledge, but a master’s in fashion design helps you to get ready for the competitive domain, as one of the fastest evolving industries, fashion master’s programs offer you organizational and constructive skills.

The benefits of master's degree in fashion design:

fashion design masters degree
  1. Advanced Skill Development
  2. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation
  3. Comprehensive Industry Knowledge
  4. Professional Development and Networking
  5. Career Advancement and Opportunities


ESEDS School of Design has partnered with Techno India University to launch a future-driven cutting-edge degree course in Fashion design that will transform how we approach the fashion industry today. The MDes in fashion design and Sustainability course is Designed to enhance the knowledge of the design sector in detail as well as explore different aspects of fashion including innovation, environment, society, and ethics. This UGC-recognized two-year fashion design master’s degree course not only applies innovative teaching methods like team workshops, masterclasses, and industry-based projects but is also the best choice for working professionals because of the flexibility of the curriculum. 


This MDes in fashion design program and sustainability is India’s first sustainable fashion design master’s degree program and one of the few fashion master’s programs globally that are deeply rooted in Sustainability and eco-conscious practices. With the growing concern about the gradually degrading environment, the design industry is shifting progressively towards eco-conscious fashion, with sustainability as one of the core modules, this fashion design master’s degree will ensure to produce the next pioneers of a greener future. The AI-integrated course provides in-depth knowledge about technicalities in the fashion industry like computer-aided pattern design, high fashion construction techniques, and textile technologies. ESEDS ensures that Students are proficient in both traditional and new design tools.


Fashion Design isn’t just a career, it’s a passion. This fashion design master’s degree at ESEDS School of Design provides students with an open environment to explore their creative aesthetics and themselves, leading to personal fulfillment and a deep sense of accomplishment. This master’s in fashion Design course fosters a mindset of life-long experience, motivating students to evolve and take on the perpetually shifting fashion industry. Besides developing an international outlook on fashion, A fashion design master’s degree, particularly from a prestigious university like Techno India University can increase your earning potential significantly. The specialized skills and expertise learned in this program are highly valuable in the design industry. This Program helps you to get ready to take over leadership positions like creative director, Brand manager, or senior designer.

With a large alumni strength globally, ESEDS provides a vital asset for job placements, professional collaborations, and career advancement.

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Why MDes in Fashion Design is the best choice for you?

The ESEDS School Design’s master’s in fashion and Sustainability is a commitment toward a greener future in the domain of fashion. The program offers an exclusive combination of advanced technical training, creative freedom, deep knowledge, and devotion to Sustainability, making it an excellent choice for aspiring designers with a passion for revolutionizing the industry.

The forward-thinking innovative curriculum, State of the art infrastructure, and extensive industry connections are resources of a solid foundation for the students to excel. Moreover, the focus on eco-consciousness and ethics ensures that Graduates are confident and well-equipped to not only tackle the challenges of the industry but also lead it towards positive changes. 

In an age of fast-paced transformation of the industry, A fashion design master’s degree from ESEDS School of Design and Techno India University is one of the best options for those who are passionate about fashion and the earth. Whether you aim to create groundbreaking designs, manage a luxury brand, or spearhead sustainability initiatives, The Mdes in Fashion Design and Sustainability the MDes in Fashion Design and Sustainability equips you with the knowledge, skills, and vision to succeed and be a changemaker in the world of fashion.

                                                                                                                                                                                     -By Pratyasha Pal

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