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Sustainable Partnerships within Construction Industry

Environmental awareness and an emphasis on recycled materials are key components of sustainable interior design. It is residential architecture that lessens adverse effects on the environment while improving the health and comfort of its people and putting an emphasis on environmentally friendly design.

For brands to innovate towards sustainability or new uses, they need to team up with technological partners that will add their expertise to the final product or service.These kinds of collaborations can happen cross-sector or within the sector itself.But one must remember the key points before getting involved in such kinds of collaborations.

Shared motive towards sustainability – Brands who are likely to collaborate keeping innovation towards sustainability in mind must have a shared goal or motive towards sustainability. Now a days many brands use sustainability for just a marketing gimmick without caring about any right implementation. This might raise tension or future conflict within brands. The brands must take this matter on a private level before getting into any collaborations.

Now let’s discuss what are the benefits of such collaborations –

A) Synergy – Sustainable implementations could be quite challenging for many currently established brands. Working together constructively can result in greater successes and outcomes as compared to each organization operating independently.

B) Sharing resources – Collaborations can also help brands achieve technological and resource support and help them build advanced products or architectures which is normally not possible by a particular organization independently.

C) Overcoming Challenges – The other organization could be able to provide assistance when an organization runs into issues that prevent it from fulfilling its objectives. Additionally, networks, coalitions, and partnerships are more effective than independent organizations.

D) Innovation – Collaboration in organizations, especially team collaboration offers various perspectives for problem solving and innovation.

Let’s look into one such collaboration,

Concrete is crucial to the construction of structures all over the world, but it can have a significant negative influence on the environment.

For instance, cement is a key ingredient in concrete, but its production requires a lot of energy and results in significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

A 2018 Chatham House report states that more than 4 billion metric tonnes of cement are manufactured each year. According to the policy institute, this “represents about 8% of worldwide CO2 emissions.

Many businesses, including some big players, are attempting to develop sustainable construction goods as worries about the sustainability of the construction industry grow.

The multinational manufacturer of building materials LafargeHolcim with its headquarters in Switzerland declared that their “green concrete” .

According to LafargeHolcim, “ECOPact, the concrete comes in a number of iterations. Depending on which one is used” , the company also claims, “ the product can have 30% to 100% less carbon emissions compared to standard (CEM I) concrete. Where regulatory conditions allow, ECO Pact products integrate upcycled construction and demolition materials, further closing the resource loop.”

Nicolas Laisné, founder of Nicolas Laisné Architectes has collaborated with LafargeHolcim to create circular construction. According to him “I was very happy to see the dynamism of Holcim’s team, and the quality of the solutions they provide to architects to create qualitative buildings, reducing concrete’s carbon footprint. Their research and development approaches with architects and institutions like the ETH Zurich are very enriching and inspiring.”

This is one of the successful collaborations in the field of architecture. Collaborations have always proven to provide a broader aspect to sustainability.

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