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Swap not shop 2023 at ESEDS School of Design

In a world where fashion often comes at the cost of our planet, a remarkable event took center stage at AJC Bose campus, ESEDS, on the 5th of August, 2023. The “Swap not Shop” gathering, held in collaboration with Fashion Revolution India, was a beacon of hope and change, echoing the importance of sustainable fashion in a rapidly evolving world.

As the clock struck 4 pm, the event unfolded with an air of excitement, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of more than 150 garments and over 40 accessories, each with its own story to tell. This event was a celebration of conscious choices and the power of collective action. The meticulous planning that spanned over 10 days was evident in every detail, creating an atmosphere that was both inviting and inspiring.

ESEDS, with its unwavering commitment to sustainability, added a unique touch to the event by crafting muslin bags that were not just utilitarian but also pieces of art. Each bag was a canvas, hand-painted with care, adding a personal touch that resonated with the guests. The spirit of giving continued with thoughtful freebies that attendees were treated to – bookmarks, notepads, and delectable chocolates – a reminder that sustainability can be both fulfilling and delightful.

Upon entering the event, attendees were greeted by two distinct counters: a red and a green counter. The red counter served as a collection point for old garments. Participants exchanged their old clothes for red tokens, a tangible representation of their contribution to change. These tokens then led them to the main venue, where the swapping took place. Swapping red tokens for pre-loved garments not only gave a new life to fashion pieces but also breathed life into the idea that we can make a difference through our choices.

A fitting room stood ready for those who wished to find the perfect fit among their swapped treasures. The experience was more than just a clothing exchange; it was a moment of reflection, reminding us that each garment carries a story and a responsibility. As attendees left the fitting room, they did so not just with a new outfit, but with a renewed perspective.

The event took a triumphant turn as red tokens were exchanged for green ones, symbolizing the completion of a cycle. The participants left with their newfound treasures, now carrying the vibrant spirit of sustainable fashion.

The event’s true essence lay not only in the array of garments and accessories but in the unity of over 100 attendees who graced the occasion. For over 4 hours, a dynamic synergy enveloped the space, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared purpose. The “Swap not Shop” event wasn’t just a transactional event; it was a catalyst for change, fostering a deep sense of community and awareness.

In an era where the fashion industry has often been synonymous with excess and waste, the “Swap not Shop” event breathed life into the principles of sustainable fashion. It was more than a gathering; it was a movement towards mindful consumption, a shift from traditional shopping to a conscious, planet-friendly approach. As the sun set on that August evening, the echoes of this event continued to reverberate, reminding us of all that each choice, each garment, can be a brushstroke on the canvas of positive change.

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